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"Perfect Combo" by Roman Cano

I like to believe that I know quite a bit about the sweet science of boxing. I have practiced more combinations, created more combinations and tried to formulate more combinations in a match than I can count. Trying to create the “perfect” combo is impossible, I know. Due to the countless styles and individual tendencies of every boxer in the world, there truly is no one perfect combination. With that plainly stated I still to this day, as a boxing coach, still to find the “Perfect” combo.It’s funny. Through my years of watching fights, rounds of sparring, and the number of matches I’ve had, I have come to the conclusion that the perfect combo comes as a surprise to both boxers in the ring. I believe both the boxer throwing the combination and the poor boxer on the receiving end catching the punches like an old punching bag, has no idea the perfect combo has been executed in that very ring. Heck, even the few true boxing affiliates watching the fight probably don’t even realize what they have seen till much later watching the match for the second or even the fourth time.

The “Perfect Combo” just happens. It’s not planned. Whether you’re watching Arturo Gatti or Buster Douglas, Muhammad Ali or Manny Pacquiao, no technician, counter puncher, slugger, or boxer knows he or she is throwing the most amazing sequence of punches his or her opponent has ever seen/felt at that point in time. I am 99% sure that the even the cockiest boxer can truly say they knew what they were doing until the opponent is “falling asleep”. Give it a shot. Try to realize in real time that you are throwing the perfect combo, witnessing the perfect combo or even receiving the perfect combo (you poor soul). I would like to challenge you right now to watch every fight from reading this blog and on to try to identify every unpredictable perfect combination as it is unfolding.

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